New CRM Report: Show All Email Addresses

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Now you can run a report to show the email addresses from your main contact information, as well as your additional contact information. From the classic homepage, click on system maintenance. Click on customer homepage. Click on advanced customer search**please note that the word “customer” is dynamic and varies based on your corp wide settings. Click on more options and … Read More Security and Data Loss Prevention Information

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Security at is provided within the system architecture and by Hostek. Hostek is a leading, managed technology, I.T. infrastructure, and Web hosting company that has been around since 1998. Adilas backups are provided and stored on-site at Hostek. Operations are based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have data centers (with redundancy and backup) in St. Louis, Missouri, and Ashburn, … Read More

Scheduled Expense Receipts

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Did you know that Adilas has a function for scheduling reoccurring expense receipts? These Scheduled ERs work best for reoccurring expenses where the vendor, dollar amount, and BSI bump option (how it is entered on the balance sheet) are the same each time (monthly, quarterly, annually). First, you will need to create an original Expense Receipt for the service or … Read More

Editing Images for Your Categories on e-Commerce

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If you need to change or update the Category images on your e-commerce, you can easily update those images inside of Adilas and it will automatically update them on your e-commerce. Please follow the steps below: Navigate to the “Items Homepage” Select the “More Options” button, then select the “Add/Edit Item Categories” link On the Add/Edit Categories page, scroll down … Read More

New Metrc API Homepage Look/Feel

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In an effort to modernize the look and feel of the Adilas system, we will be launching an updated view of our Metrc API Homepage. This new view includes minimal changes to the functionality of the page and mostly deals with the arrangement and placement of the buttons within the page. The “More Options” button has changed to a link … Read More

PO Line Item Rounding for Internal Builds

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Adilas has a way for every PO Line Item (on all PO types) to go through a rounding function where the system will do the calculations in the background for you. There is a keyword of “auto” that we use behind the scenes that is used to force the math update. If a real rounding number is submitted manually by … Read More

How to Set Tiered Pricing in e-Commerce

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Using Parent Attributes (also known as Parent Tags), users can create tiered pricing for pre-packaged cannabis to be sold through the Adilas e-commerce platform. Navigate to the Items Homepage and click on more options. Select “Add/Edit Parent Attribute Categories” Select “Add New Parent Attribute Category” The name of this category must be labeled as “Tiered Pricing”. If you would like … Read More

Important Update: New Look & Feel for Items/Parts Pages

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First of all, we would like to extend a sincere apology to our clients for the inconvenience and confusion that was caused by our update, which occurred on the morning of February 24th, 2022. Some of the updates have been reverted back to their original state until we can come up with a better solution for all of our clients. … Read More