Accounting Management

With Adilas’ accounting software, your business' financial numbers will be up to date when you need them. Whenever you add PO’s, invoices, deposits or expenses inside the system, it gives you the ability to categorize those finances and automatically feed them onto your balance sheet. This is what we call “System Generated Items” and each item will have a drill-down link to view the underlying data. We also have “User Maintained Items”. These are categories that each business can set up inside the system and they will need to be manually maintained by the user. This allows each individual business to create unique classifications and have complete control over the life of their finances.
Real-time Data
Balance Sheet Walkability
System Maintained Items
User Maintained Items
Quick Access Drill-Down Links
Income Statement & Balance Sheet Control
Advanced Searching
CSV & Excel Exporting
Built-in Reporting
Upload Media Files
Manage Balance Sheets Example

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