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~ Zoya White, AltMed

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Have you dreamed of having all of your retail’s multi-location operations, financials, and inventory management within one, low cost system? Well, look no further than Adilas. Our software as a service platform provides a total POS software package, rolled into a robust system. You’ll find location management, customer relationship management, complete financial tracking, e-commerce and more, centrally located online for accessing at your convenience.

Location Management Makes Operations a Breeze

  • Operating multiple retail locations is no easy task. Adilas is here to help! Easily set up your POS with multiple locations, designated departments, and team members. Each location, department and employee can have specific permissions granted to give them access to everything they need in order to succeed.
  • State, county and local tax compliance has never been easier with the ability to set specific taxes by location, items, and more. Keep your permits, licenses, and certificates organized by location with electronic document management.

We Help You Track & Sell Your Inventory Through Inventory Management

  • Take your POS retail inventory to the next level with our specialized “parent & child relationship” inventory management system. Add unlimited attributes to your items so customers can conveniently shop and filter your online store based on their specific needs.
  • Our e-Commerce platform is built-in and included with your Adilas software. LIVE inventory communication between your POS and E-commerce automates the process of syndicating your items, and prevents overselling of your items both online and in-store.

Built-in Accounting Software Helps You Control Your Expenses

  • Take the pain out of having to enter your financials into a separate system and allow Adilas to do what it does best. Our built-in accounting software will help you manage your account payables, account receivables and bank(s) reconciliation.
  • By incorporating an all-inclusive ERP software, this powerful accounting functionality enables you to stay alert of your organization’s overall financial health, whether you have one location or multiple locations.

Reduce Data Entry By Automating Customer Relationship Management

  • Are you tired of inputting data by hand? Let our system do the work for you! Automate your customer relationship management by simply scanning or swiping a driver’s license to parse out your customer’s data, such as name, address, date of birth, and DL number, directly into your system.
  • Set up custom POS discount pricing engines to give your returning customers the benefits they desire. By setting up customer types, enabling specific discounts, and adding log notes to each profile, you’ll be able to manage your customer relations with ease!

Run Your Business From Anywhere With Cloud-Based Software

  • Retail managers who are required to manage multiple locations will enjoy having access to every piece of data, no matter where they’re at. As long as you have internet service, you can access Adilas from your preferred web browser on any device, including mobile phones and tablets!
  • Gone are the days of expensive, on-premise software that requires in-house server hardware, software licenses, integration, and costly maintenance fees.

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