Accounting Management

With Adilas’ built-in accounting software, business owners and managers will be able to identify, analyze, and interpret their company’s financial well-being through their deposits, expenses, balance sheet, income statement, and bank(s). Every deposit made into Adilas is linked to the bank(s) that you set up to make verification and reconciliation a breeze. Quickly add deposits into your system and link them to your invoice sales and balance sheet, using both system maintained or user maintained line items. Pair this, along with the ability to upload files (such as .jpg and .pdf) and this system is ready to take on any potential audits that might come your way.
Custom Deposit Classifications
Error Control Calculations
Verified Date
Posted Date
Bank Reconciliation
Income Statement & Balance Sheet Control
Advanced Searching
CSV & Excel Exporting
Built-in Reporting
Upload Media Files

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