Inventory Management

Precise inventory management starts with the ability to categorize your items at different levels. Our Parent to Child relation of inventory gives you the power to bring in generalized inventory then sell it based on distinct “child-like” features (aka attributes) of your items. This could be things like brand, color, type, size, and anything you could possibly think of. Our data provides you with a comprehensive look at the life of your inventory, from purchase, to storage, to usage, all the way to the final sale. And with our custom Adilas Label Building you’ll have the ability to build complex label designs to track every aspect of your inventory by barcode, RFID tag, location and more.
Multi-Level Inventory
Parent Attributes
Sub Attributes
Specific Tax Assignments
Enable Purchase Limits
Feeds Directly To E-Commerce
Advanced Searching
CSV & Excel Exporting
Built-In Reporting
Upload Media Files
Inventory Management Example

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