Adilas Adds Certification for METRC in Maine

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Adilas is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a production API key to Maine’s Metrc system.     This opens the door for all of our Maine Medical & Recreational Cannabis partners, giving them the ability to connect to Metrc via API. Here is how it works: 1. Navigate to the Maine page on the Metrc website and … Read More

Green Kiosks announces their integration with Adilas

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Dispensary Kiosk Services Green Kiosks use driver’s license scanning technology to simplify the customer check-in process. Each multilingual QuotePro Kiosk is built on a proven ATM platform that accepts cash payments and is able to make change to the penny. Our online payment reporting services help automate the cash reconciliation process so your employees will never have to touch cash … Read More

How to use the new METRC Dispensary Homepage

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Our new functionality automates the process so the system will push invoices to METRC whenever an invoice is created, and then every hour adilas will re-submit any invoices that failed to send to METRC. Additionally, every 15 minutes Adilas will re-sync the current day of records from METRC and will show METRC id’s, report and allow voiding of any duplicate … Read More

Improvements to the Metrc Api Sales Interface

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Adilas has been working on a new Metrc api sales interface to ease some of the frustrations our clients are experiencing when transmitting daily sales to the state reporting software. This has been an eight month long and thousands of dollars endeavor. We understand the importance of compliance and see how this has been challenging due to sales transactions not … Read More