“Inception-to-CPA” Software That Integrates Directly with Metrc

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Adilas has been a validated software integrator with Metrc since 2013. In fact, we were among the first group of cloud-based software companies to step into the ring with Metrc and work together, hand in hand, making positive progress in the cannabis industry.

Our cannabis software provides inventory management, accounting solutions, employee accountability, and so much more, inside of ONE, DYNAMIC system! We have many inventory tracking features that will systematically report your progress to Metrc. However, with Adilas, it doesn’t stop there. You may think that once the sale has been completed and reported to Metrc, that is the final process of that transaction, right? Well, what about reporting that transaction to your financials and ultimately to your CPA? Wouldn’t it be nice if the transaction didn’t just stop at the sale, but instead, was then reported to your Balance Sheet and Income Statement without having to record it into another system?

At Adilas, we pride ourselves on not only being a seed-to-sale software. We take it two steps further by being an “Inception-to-CPA” software. Our software has the ability to take your inventory from inception, create it, track it, then report it all the way to your financials. Our cultivation platform will help you track every single seed that is planted, from each batch and phase all the way to harvest. Then, our production platform will take that harvest and help you build recipes for each of your products. Finally, our retail platform will intake those products where you can sell your inventory and then be reflected on your balance sheet.

We also have our very own, built-in, FREE e-Commerce solution. Once you input your inventory into Adilas, it will automatically display on your e-commerce website. When a patient or customer places an order online, that order is then created inside Adilas for your employees to quickly fulfill and complete the process for pick-up. We have “Queues” to which you can designate certain employees, including, Delivery, Curbside Delivery, In-Store Pickup, and more.

To learn more about how Adilas can save you not only time and money but also save you on headaches and stress, contact us today!

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