Metrc – Now access all of your Plant, Plant Batch, and Harvest Data

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Are you ready for access to ALL of your Metrc synced Data?

Since Metrc Bulletin #17 limited accessibility to Metrc to 24 hour increments,
it has been almost impossible to see all of your synced data.

Now we are introducing three new unique tables that hold all of your Plants, Plant Batches, and Harvests.

Here is how to access the tables:

  • From the Classic Homepage, select the “More Options” button, click on the “3rd party solution” link, and scroll down to the Metrc Api Socket.
  • Click on the “License Type” pulldown menu, select “Cultivation”, then click the “Save Settings” Button.


  • Next, from the Cultivation Homepage, click the “More Options” button and select the “active plant batches” link.


  • From the Resync Batches Page, click on the “Resync” button to create the new tables for you. *This Resync functionality is useful anytime you are having issues with data syncing with Metrc as the first attempt at correcting an issue.


  • Press the “Start” button and watch the re-sync go through each day until it has completed. Note: This will take some time, and some days will take longer than others.


  • Repeat the steps above for harvests and for vegetative plants.


Once you have taken these steps, you will have full access to all of your plant, harvest, and plant batch data instead of just the last 24 hours.


This will also help you prepare for the Bulk Action Functionality.

Check that out here:



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