Metrc – RFID Tag Search

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Metrc – Sub Inventory – Control/RFID Tag Numbers Search

Update – January 12th 2019 – Added a new link to hide/show packages that are Samples. These have previously been invoiced out. The Metrc to adilas comparison page shows the Metrc value of 1 and the adilas value of 0. When the magnifying glass is clicked, the RFID search page shows both values at zero (this is a specific API RFID tag search). The new button/link to hide/show is at the very bottom of the page. 

Update – April 11th 2018 – Added a new comparison report to the existing RFID tag search page. This report selects the Metrc data for the specific tag number (RFID) and allows you to compare the quantity with the Adilas child quantity.

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