Voided Expense – Did Not Void

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Voided Expense – Did Not Void All The Way

There are many reasons this could happen, for example:

  • One person has the expense open and another person is voiding the expense. In this case, the one user doesn’t get to see what was done until the page is submitted, thus creating a disconnect.
  • Another way this could happen is when one person voids something and another person, on a payables report or different page, does something else at about the same time. The one person voids it, and the other tries to pay for it or roll part of it into a bigger bulk payment. Both processes have valid information at the moment. The disconnect comes as tiny pieces of data hit the system at different times. The results kind of depend on who plays their cards first.

If we can figure out what is going on, we can fix it. Otherwise, it is somewhat of a wild goose chase.

How you can trick the system into re-voiding an expense (notice the wording “re-voiding”)

  1. Navigate to a good expense/receipt and find the void link. It is located in the middle of the edit line items page.
  2. Go ahead and click it. This is a two-step process; it will not void the good expense/receipt just by clicking the first time.
  3. Once the new “Are you sure?” message pops up, alter the id of the URL (web address).
  4. The web address will look something like this:
    • https://www.adilas.biz/top_secret/secure/void_prep.cfm?mode=receipt&corp=748&sec=47&id=10
    • Just alter the very end or the id portion of the URL. Pretend that id=10 should be id=12 or something like that.
  5. Change it to the new id of the real expense you want to void. Then press enter. This will resubmit the void prep page.
  6. This should trick the page into showing you the same void prep page for the one you really want to re-void.
  7. Enter some notes and click the void it button.

Hopefully that helps 🙂

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