E-mail Quotes

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E-mail Quotes

Adilas has the ability to e-mail quotes. This feature has actually been available for some time, but now includes the new e-mailing system with all its variables and capabilities.

How to E-mail Quotes: Home (header tab) > Quote Homepage > Select a Quote (select the printable link option to the right) > E-mail (button)

Select a Quote (select the printable link option to the right)

E-mail (button)

Example of an Old Style – Quote E-mail 

Example of a New – Quote Email.

Default Template (you get to decide the verbiage)

Custom Template

These are just examples. You can have any style template you wish. The five template storage fields can hold HTML e-mail templates up to 65,000 characters. The custom e-mail alternative can send HTML e-mail templates that are under 150,000 characters.

How to Turn This On: Other (header tab) > Other Settings > Corp E-mail Settings > Main E-mail Settings ( link on right hand side) > Use Snow Owl Quotes For Default Quotes

Video training is not available for the new Adilas E-mail functionality as of 4/10/18. It should be available soon. Click here to see if there are new updates for the new Adilas E-mail functionality.

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