E-commerce – Related Items

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E-commerce – Related Items

Have items that need to be sold together? This feature is for you!

  • Tie associated items together using web related items on the add/edit item page
  • You can make related items required when purchasing
  • You can specify a quantity on required related items
  • Related items can only be parent items
  • Original items can be parent or sub


How to Get to It: Quick Search (select item, then type in the name of the item you wish to search for) > Edit (click the edit link for the parent item) > Web Related Items (scroll down to the section called web related items)

The word “item” might be different for your corporation, based off your item naming convention.

What it looks like in E-commerce.

Things You Should Be Aware of and Tips

Make sure that you have a positive quantity on your related items. Related items also get checked for “Check Quantity on Hand” when adding them to the cart.

Required related items auto increment with the quantity of the original item purchased. For our example above, if you buy two laptops, two insurance plans will be auto added to the cart. If two insurance plans were required for each laptop and you bought two laptops, you would get four insurance plans.

Adding a quantity to related items only works with required items.

Make sure to separate the list of related items with a ” , “.

If you sell an original item that has a required related item, in order to remove either, you must clear cart. This creates a locking effect, not allowing the user to take off the required item. The non-required related items can be removed at any time.

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