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Snow Owl – Adilas E-mails

Adilas now provides a powerful e-mail solution for e-mailing customers.

What This New Tool Provides

  • Default e-mail template with settings
  • Five custom template holders
  • Regular customer e-mails
  • Receivables, time oriented e-mails
  • Quote e-mails
  • Invoice e-mails
  • Automatic e-mails
  • E-mail variables
  • E-mail connection to E-commerce
  • And so much more

What to check it out? It comes with the system, no extra charge.

Take a Tour

video goes here…

How to get to it: Other (header tab) > Other Settings > Corp E-mail Settings > Have Fun 🙂

Things you should be aware of

Adilas plans are to expand to allow e-mails to be sent from your corporation’s  e-mail address. At the moment it is sent from the Adilas servers. Some of the e-mail addresses you can send from at the moment are,, and

While the tool is being improved upon, you can order your own e-mail address from the Adilas server (one time fee $75). It would look something like this, If you’re interested please contact us.

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