Reflective Flex Grid

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Reflective Flex Grid

Reflective Flex Grid is now a reality 🙂

What is it?

When you add flex grid and tie out to another one of the ID’s of the 12 main players, the system will stamp the same info on the other ID. This function automatically adds Flex Grid to both sides. Saves tons of time and will add Flex Grid to multiple ID’s at once. Give it a try!

Flex grid is available on each of the 12 main players. Adding a flex grid to any of the 12 main players can be found under the “More Options…” button on the corresponding view of one of the 12 main players. Look for the link that says “Add New Flex Grid Tie-In”. If you’d like, here is a help file for the “Add/Edit Flex Grid Tie-In“.

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