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[alert_message id=”14e95918156fcc5c0f290b1e00e791b7″ type=”info” title=”For Your Information” text=”As of 3/1/2018, AFB the third-party solution has been merged with Adilas. Please refer to the most recent posts and the Adilas E-commerce Market profile for the most current information.” icon=”fa fa-info-circle” close=”false” alignment=”left” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#47c9e5″ border_color=”” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”4891b4791bcbfec1af36e881fb7a97f1″][/alert_message]Welcome to the new Adilas E-commerce. This new feature is packed full of settings, over 150 new settings for the E-commerce.

E-commerce Resources

Adilas E-commerce Market Profile

Internal Adilas Setting Page:  Most complete resource for the Adilas E-commerce settings and abilities as of 3/15/2018.

Classic Theme: Classic Homepage > System Management (section) > Manage Corp Info and Permissions (drop-down menu) > More Options (button) > E-commerce Settings (link).

Snow Owl Theme: Other (header tab) > Other Settings > E-commerce Settings

Adilas E-commerce

A powerful solution for your E-commerce needs. This powerful new E-commerce template for Adilas contains a number of upgrades. Some of these upgrades include a pricing matrix for shipping, per line item shipping costs, custom e-mails for quotes/order and invoices. There are also four new display options, online bill pay, invoice and quote options and so much more. Over 150 new settings have come into this new template to make it more dynamic, more powerful, and more customizable.

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Adilas E-commerce Provides

  • Full customization
  • Advanced e-mail settings & e-mail departments
  • Advanced shipping options
  • Online Bill Pay
  • And so much more


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