In Memory of Danielle

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Danielle Marie Prusik February 6, 1983 – May 12, 2019 Dream Big. Strive for Success. Love Life. Seek Joy. Have Hope. Follow Passion. Appreciate. Imagine. Stay Calm. Achieve. Believe in Yourself. ~ Photo Gallery ~ If you wish please scroll to the bottom to leave a comment. We will be preserving these for her children and family forever.

Metrc – RFID Tag Search

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Metrc – Sub Inventory – Control/RFID Tag Numbers Search Update – January 12th 2019 – Added a new link to hide/show packages that are Samples. These have previously been invoiced out. The Metrc to adilas comparison┬ápage shows the Metrc value of 1 and the adilas value of 0. When the magnifying glass is clicked, the RFID search page shows both … Read More

API (Application Programming Interface)

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Adilas features a robust and customizable API API provides 3rd Party companies a secure method of pulling and pushing data into the adilas platform. Features, Advantages and Benefits: Allows other software solutions to provide their services independently. Adilas clients work directly with the 3rd Party on contracts and payment. Adilas clients have control, turning on or off the solution. 3rd … Read More

Metrc – Sync Package Table

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Metrc – Sync/Update Package Table The Metrc package table can now be resynced and updated for prior days. Each server has an auto process that runs each evening; however, in the event this skips or fails, you have the option of doing a manual update for as many days as desired. From the Compare Inventory page, click on the re-sync … Read More