In Memory of Danielle

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Danielle Marie Prusik

February 6, 1983 – May 12, 2019

Dream Big.

Strive for Success.

Love Life.

Seek Joy.

Have Hope.

Follow Passion.



Stay Calm.


Believe in Yourself.

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4 Comments on “In Memory of Danielle”

  1. Danielle, you were the best of the best! Always so pleasant, kind, caring, humble, personable & professional. Your unique style created others close to you to become a better themselves, can personally vouch for that. Always a lady and always at ease without speaking many words, you set a standard of class to be admired. May your spirit live through all you touched!

  2. Your unwavering kindness and generosity will always be celebrated, and will forever be in our hearts.

    “Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footprints have left on our hearts.” -Dorothy Ferguson

  3. Heart-felt condolances to the family, friends, clients of Danielle. Praying for strength and peace in this hour of grief.

  4. “There’s a very special garden
    Where the trees of memory grow
    Nurtured by the kindness
    And concern that good friends show.
    The roots are cherished memories Of good times in the past.
    The branches tender promises that souls endure and last.
    It’s a place of peace and beauty
    Where bright new hopes can start
    It’s memory’s lovely garden That soothes the hurting heart”

    We love you Ms. Danielle. You will be greatly missed by the Adilas family, Clients & Friends. You will always remain in our everyday thoughts, with your smile and laughter that made you who you are.

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