Timeclock & Midnight Hours

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Timeclock & Midnight Hours

Although Adilas timeclocks do not allow time to cross over the midnight hour, there is an automated setting to help with the graveyard shift. The users must be set to a work shift of grave. This is done on the Payee to Department page per user (same place that tax settings and withholdings are setup). When the work shift for a user is set to grave, the system automatically flips the time cards.

The history of the timeclock helps explain why the grave setting is necessary. Employee timeclocks were developed back in 2004. At that time, both the in and out dates needed to be within the same day or the same 24 hour period. We haven’t changed that, so it is somewhat of a legacy issue with the older code set. If a person is set to grave, the system does a little two-step process where the existing time card closes and a new one opens at the same time, thus allowing it to smoothly pass over the midnight threshold.

One more little tidbit of information for you, the value of 12:00:00 am (perfect midnight) doesn’t work because the system can’t figure out what day it actually belongs to. This is why you will see things like 12:59:59 and 12:00:01.

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