Snow Owl – Data Tables

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[alert_message id=”ec4f0ab81d6eb0574b918acc97156691″ type=”info” title=”For Your Information” text=”As of 3/1/2018, AFB the third-party solution has been merged with Adilas. Please refer to the most recent posts for the most current information.” icon=”fa fa-info-circle” close=”true” alignment=”left” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#47c9e5″ border_color=”” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”ecc9746c9181542e6edcd8a48f815f1b” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/alert_message] Snow Owl – Data Tables Data tables are a powerful new way to view your data in Adilas. Data tables are … Read More

Weight/Quantity Report

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Packaged Cannabis Specific If selling pre-packaged, this report shows total weight (grams) sold. From the Reports Homepage, click on the quantity/weight link. The new drop down allows multi category selection.

Metrc – Update Inventory

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Metrc – Update Inventory Adjust Inventory. From the Metrc Inventory Comparison, click on the icon. Updates both Metrc and Adilas. Note: In Colorado, submit sales via the API prior to viewing the inventory comparison.   Metrc/Adilas Inventory Update Displays both package and child current quantity. Add or scale in the onhand quantity. Shows the adjustment quantity that will be submitted. … Read More

Security at Adilas

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 Security at Adilas has been provided by Newtek for 20 Years Newtek Technology Solutions is a leading managed technology and I.T. infrastructure company that has been around since 1997. Adilas leaves backup and storage to the professionals Operations are based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and have a data center footprint (with redundancy and backup) in Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado, London, … Read More

Cart Favorite Buttons

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Cart Favorite Buttons Tied to the open Child When you click on a button tied to a parent, the system looks to see if the parent is marked “Use Subs Only” Auto detection of one open Child If only one Child is open, system will sell from that Child If more than one Child is open, system will display results