Improvements to the Metrc Api Sales Interface

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Adilas has been working on a new Metrc api sales interface to ease some of the frustrations our clients are experiencing when transmitting daily sales to the state reporting software. This has been an eight month long and thousands of dollars endeavor. We understand the importance of compliance and see how this has been challenging due to sales transactions not being pushed through 25-50% of the time on some days. 

We can’t affect change in the business and customer service behaviors of Metrc. This is why we have developed a new interface that will help our clients track the movement and status of their sales. While it still relies on the api to function, we have built in some automation, guard rails, and functions that will enable you to audit your sales from adilas. Some of these new features includes:

  • New simplified interface, exportable information, date range search ability and enhanced sorting. 
  • Separating exempt non-cannabis sales and internal transfers between locations.

  • Showing sales that have been initiated in the sending process but may not have been submitted yet.
  • Showing pending sales that have been sent to METRC but have not received the METRC receipt.

  • Specifying invoices that require further action before reporting, such as those with unit of measurement issues or RFID tag issues.

  • Showing possible duplicate METRC sales receipts and allowing the voiding of duplicates to be initiated from Adilas. Also clear connections to the METRC receipt number when invoiced have synced.

We will be onboarding clients individually, since there is a
three-step process that we will be following: system assessment,
new functionality implementation, and training/support during the transition. If you are interested in starting the process, please email and we will reach out to you.

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