Attention Colorado Metrc Users!

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Metrc is acknowledging sporadic API issues in Colorado that may be slowing down your Adilas System!

Here is what you may be experiencing and suggestions to help:

  • Any API call to Metrc is slower than usual, simple calls that should take 1 to 5 seconds are taking 20 to 40 seconds.
  • Try making the calls at off peak hours, if these are not mission critical. Or open up additional tabs, and let the process run while working on another task.
  • When an invoice is submitted, the system takes 40 to 80 seconds to process the API call. This would only be experienced when running the Transactional (real time) sales reporting functionality.
  • Have 2 tabs open. In Tab 1, complete the sale and allow the invoice to process completely. In Tab 2, have the Invoice Homepage selected and just hit refresh to see the newly created invoice. This way you can print the receipt and labels as you are waiting for Tab 1 to process the sales receipt transaction with Metrc. Have multiple Browsers open and use the 2 tab solution to process or try 3 tabs, 2 tabs processing different sales invoices and 1 tab with the Invoice Homepage for access to the last invoice for printing.
  • CSV file uploads (sales and inventory updates) are taking longer than usual.
  • Try the upload at off peak hours. Or leave the tab open with the upload proceeding and complete other tasks on different tabs or a different Browser.
  • Some sales may not be showing up in Metrc.
  • If a timeout occurs and Adilas detects this event, then the sale can be resynced from the Dispensary Homepage. If the timeout occurs because the call is stopped by Metrc, then go to the inventory comparison page  and check out the Adilas history. You can update the invoice details directly in Metrc, but please try the suggestions below first.
  • The Metrc to Adilas inventory comparison page has multi tags that are not synced.
  • Run the resync (button at top of page). If packages are still not synced, take a look at just that package history by clicking on the magnifying glass at the right of the package details. Once that page opens up you can see all the Adilas history and maybe figure out the issue. If packages are still off, there may have been sales that show in Adilas and because of the long upload time to Metrc another issue exists and the sale was not posted in Metrc. In this event, an inventory update PO can be created, and you could update multi items using the ‘API Adjustment Error’ as the Adjustment Reason.
  • Please contact support with any questions, we are here to help you with this challenge 🙂

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