Multi Queue

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Multi Queue

  • Multiple Sub Queues offered.
  • New multi queue view available.
  • View on all Order Process pages, Medical Dispensary Homepage, Fulfillment Homepage, Custom Online or Drive Thru.
  • See everyone in multiple queues or a specific queue.
  • Great for Delivery, Instore Pickup, Drive Thru, Online Orders, you name it:)


Sub Queues Update

  • Add as many Queues as desired.
  • Show or No Show on the Web.
  • Linked to E-Commerce.
  • Allows Online Orders to be sorted by Instore Pickup or Delivery.


User Settings

  • Each employee sets a default.
  • Show one or multiple queues.
  • Linked to E-Commerce.
  • Fulfillment Center employees can focus on order or delivery tasks.

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