Quick Response Bar Code

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Quick Response Bar Code

Bar Code functionality which adds a portion of a Child to the cart at a set price.

  • Click on the “View” of any Child

  • Then click on the Bar Code image

Add special code to tell the shopping cart Child – price and quantity

  • In the bar code field, change the ~ to qr_.
  • After the Child id, add _37 (or whatever selling price you require).
  • After the price add _3.5 (or whatever quantity you desire).
  • Completed bar code should look like this example:
    • qr_1234_10_1.5
  • Because of the qr_ when scanned, the bar code will now add the correct Child, price and quantity.
  • Works great for prepackaging.
  • If you exceed 15 chars, we can create a custom label using a QR Code.

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