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[alert_message id=”b326f60353874e5a500114b8bb991e3b” type=”warning” title=”Deprication of Features” text=”For your information the themes below are available, but will be deprecated in future development. Adilas has moved to the ‹²›Snow Owl‹²› theme as the standard theme. ***As a note, the new Snow Owl theme has ‹²›Custom Colors‹²› available. It serves the same function as the themes below. ” icon=”fa fa-warning” close=”false” alignment=”left” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#fdbf34″ border_color=”” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”3b63f41fea5d01def1d960c474ba9b43″][/alert_message]Lots of new options for Adilas sites, custom look & feel, and virtually any flavor… Click the link below to see a new PDF flyer with details about what is new and possible with your Adilas account.

New Sample CSS (cascading style sheets) Designs:
* Blue pastel sample
* Armored car sample
* The project sample
* Geometry sample
* Geometry overflow sample

Some Other New Webpages That Show Where We Are Headed:
* sample sales site
* sample training & education site
* sample photo gallery

If you really want to touch and feel some of the new changes… Use the following login info:
URL/Web Address:
Corp Key: testing
User: Guest (with a capital G)
Password: 1234

Click to view PDF flyer about new adilas grapics, interfaces, custom shopping carts, and look & feel options.

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