Having your sales and accounting in two different platforms that don't talk to each other?
Yea, didn't make sense to us either.

Multi-level inventory with unlimited attributes for your items. Track your inventory from start to finish. Complete with reports, statistics, and exporting.
Find out which of your items are flying off the shelves and which items are collecting dust with advanced reporting techniques. Exact COGS calculated down to 5 decimal points!
Full point of sale system built-in with barcode scanning, label building, discount engine, and default shopping cart settings.
Cross-location loyalty points, rewards programs, purchase & payment history, and more. Consumer direct message marketing model inside our built-in E-Commerce.
FREE built-in E-Commerce solution that pulls all of your items, descriptions, reviews, specs, and images directly from Adilas. Easy online exposure of your goods and services, as well as direct messaging with your consumers.
Sales don’t just stop after the consumer transaction. Each sale can be tied to a deposit that you make into your bank, which can then be tied to your Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet and Income Statement.